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EVS Sports Long Sleeve Tug

The TUG Lone Sleeve shirt is a base layer designed to keep you warm during cool weather riding. Four-way Stretch technology allows the fabric to flex and move in all directions providing improved comfort. Also acts as a barrier to prevent skin irritation and discomfort from safety equipment such as a roost guard or race collar.




Base layer to keep you warm during cold weather riding.

4 Way Stretch

4 Way Stretch allows for a degree of stretch in all 4 directions, providing improved comfort for the user.

Air Mesh

Perforated fabric allows air to flow unimpeded, while still providing protection from abrasion and sun light.


Moisture wicking material pulls water off the skin allowing you to stay dry and comfortable while riding.


Designed to fit between you and your protective gear, this feature prevents safety equipment, such as a Knee Brace or Roost Guard, from rubbing against your skin and causing discomfort.

Race Collar Compatible

This product is strategically designed to fit all EVS race collars and most neck braces. Integrated loop straps ensures any EVS race collar stays in place during use.

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