Registration OPEN for 2022 Beginner's League!
Rockford BMX Track

Race the Rock!

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Rockford BMX

4950 Safford Rd.

Rockford, Illinois 61101

(815) 874-8719






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2021 Registration & Fees

Single Point

$17.00 Class$17.00 Cruiser
$8.00 Opens$5.00 Balance bike
$10.00 Practice before race

Double Point (Excluding Warnicke and Race for Life)

$35.00 Class$35.00 Cruiser
$20.00 Opens$10.00 Balance bike
$20.00 Practice before race

Triple Point (State Final Only)

$45.00 Class$45.00 Cruiser
$25.00 Opens$15.00 Balance bike


Race Rockford BMX on your birthday (exact date) and get your class “FREE” as our gift to you. You must be a full USABMX member and absolutely must show us your current USABMX membership card as verification. (Sorry…Mid-West Nationals excluded.)


  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted at Rockford BMX.
  • All riders are required to bringtheir current USABMX membership with them when they register!


Trophies, USABMX Saver Stamps or Track Dollars. Track Dollars or Tokens may be used at Rockford BMX for your registration fees and/or at our concession stand.


  • Olympic Day – No USABMX membership required. ANYONE can race that day – FREE!
  • ALL Riders must bring their current USABMX membership with them when they register.
  • Apply for a full USABMX membership or Cruiser membership, credit it to Rockford BMX and you get TWO FREE RACES
  • Renew your membership, credit it to Rockford BMX, and get TWO FREE RACES!

What should I bring?

Your BMX bike:

  • No chain guards, no kick stand, no reflectors.
  • Bike must have handle bar grips.
  • Riders must have a helmet, long sleeve shirt, and long pants.